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Find Single Women In Utah

Best dating sites in Utah

Whether you are looking for the best free dating sites Utah or don’t mind paying for a better dating experience, these are the most popular dating apps Utah you should definitely try.

What is dating in Utah like?

Utah is a pretty traditional and conservative state, which is why casual dating and one-night stands are not very popular there. Utahns are mostly looking for real relationships with plenty of commitment, whether they are dating online or offline.

dating sites in Utah

Utah dating statistics

Utah is a unique state in many regards, and that includes the phenomenon of dating in Utah. Before you begin to explore dating sites in Utah, check out these statistics to better understand what you can look forward to:

  • Surprisingly enough, single women in Utah outnumber men: in different age groups, there are from 1.2 to 1.7 single ladies for every single gentleman.
  • Utah is actually the least lonely state in the nation: in 2021, it ranked last among American states by the number of single people. 43.6% of adult Utahns are without a partner.
  • 60% of Utahns identify as Mormons, which can both make it more challenging to find a partner or make it easier, depending on your own religious views.
dating in Utah

Dating laws in Utah

There aren’t any specific Utah dating laws regulating the relationship area in the state. The one Utah dating law that can be applied if you are looking for a partner on a younger side is the age of consent, which legal dating age Utah is 18 for women. 

However, the legal dating age in Utah also depends on the partner’s age: women can consent to a relationship sooner than they turn 18 if their partner is no more than four years older than them.

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