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Best New York Dating Sites | Find Single Women In New York

To make things easier for you and help you find a website that gets you closer to your dream woman, we have personally tried and tested New York dating sites. We are now ready to present our top selection to you.

Best Dating Sites In New York 2023

What is dating in New York like?

On the one hand, dating in New York seems easy because there are millions of people in the city, and many of them are single. On the other hand, with so many options available, finding the right person can often be harder than it looks.

dating in New York

New York dating statistics

One of the best ways to learn about dating in NYC before you get to experience it yourself is to learn some facts and statistics about romance in the Big Apple. Here are the key statistics to know about:

  • With 53% of New York City’s population being female and only 47% male, finding a partner as a single NYC guy is actually easier than it seems.
  • Only 22% of New Yorkers admit to having been in a long-term relationship for over two years.
  • Dating in New York is not very cheap: on average, a single date in New York consisting of seeing a movie and having dinner can cost over $100.

Dating laws in New York

dating sites in New York

The only specific dating law to keep in mind if you intend to date in NYC is the age of consent, which is 17 years old for women in this state and this city.


Why is dating in NYC so hard?

The hard thing about dating in New York City is that this city is notoriously fast-paced. People in NYC are always in a rush to get someone, so it can be challenging to meet them in the streets, on a subway, or while grocery shopping. Moreover, many NYC citizens live in their own social bubbles and rarely let outsiders in.

What is the best dating site in NYC?

The best dating sites and best dating apps New York are usually the ones with the largest, most active audience of NYC citizens, good security mechanisms, and reasonable rates. Any of the New York City dating sites listed earlier in this article are a great place to start your romantic journey.

Which dating site is safe for 30-year-olds in NYC?

If safety is your main concern when looking for dating sites in NYC, you should definitely look for sites with adequate membership fees and a solid online reputation. Then you can expect the site to maintain a safe dating environment for all members and take active measures to protect their users from scammers.

How much are dating sites in New York City?

The membership and credit cost differs from one New York dating site to another. There are even some free dating sites in New York, but they usually don’t live up to the security and user experience expectations. As for paid dating services NYC, using one can cost you anywhere from $50 to $300 per month.

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