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12 Tips How To Make A Girl Fall For You

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There are many factors that contribute to the process of making a girl fall for you. Some of them include:

1. Show that you are trustworthy and reliable

One of the reasons women are in romantic relationships is to have a partner they can trust to get them through difficult times. If she knows that you will be there to pick her up when she falls or work with her to dig herself out of a deep hole, she will definitely feel love for you . When she asks for help, be there with a positive attitude and a willing spirit and finish the job to show her that you are trustworthy and reliable. This also brings a sense of security in your relationships and life.

2. Create intimate moments often.

Intimate moments are not the same as sex, but are a time to really focus on each other in a private way. Studies have shown that looking into each other’s eyes and answering deeply personal questions can make girl fall in love with you. Look into each other’s eyes for a few seconds or minutes and look for meaningful moments that can create intimacy. Take advantage of the opportunity for intimate conversation over dinner or curled up on the couch.

3. How a generous and loving side.

Above all, the trait that attracts women the most is kindness. Whether you are kind to her, her family, a stranger, or an animal, look for ways to show that you are naturally thoughtful . Investing in kindness every day shows her that life with you is positive and nurturing.

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4. Be faithful.

If you want a woman to fall in love with you, being loyal to her is essential. Discuss what stage your relationship is at and your expectations for exclusivity. If she expects you not to flirt or date other women, do not do them . Your ability to stay focused on her despite distractions shows that you are worthy of her love.

5. Surprise her once in a while.

Adventure and excitement in a relationship are important to women and this keeps the relationship dynamic. When going on a memorable date or giving her a fun surprise, make sure it is a safe surprise. Blindfolding her to drive the car on a romantic picnic is an example of a good, easy surprise, but being attacked by another woman in the bedroom could be a dangerous surprise.

6. Be a good listener.

Be an active listener. Girl will not fall in love with someone who cannot remember what she said. If it helps, write yourself notes after important conversations. This will help you remember what was said. Be interested in the outcome or solution to her problem.

7. Offer sincere compliments.

Help her feel special by giving the object of your affection a sincere compliment. Find her a new outfit or a new haircut that makes her look good. Reward her work, her attempts at something new, and what you really like about her. Don’t be overly dramatic. Keep your compliments short, but sincere.

8. Gain her confidence and expect it.

For many women, confidence is the most important factor in falling in love. Some women will give you their trust up front, but you still need to show her that you are making an effort to convince her. Gaining trust is a long process and requires you to be honest and keep information private when asked. If you lie or cheat, you will lose her trust and may never regain it. Trust her and expect to get something in return.

9. Dress to impress.

Put your wardrobe in “hot” mode. Remember the ZZ Top song “Every Girl’s Crazy About a Sharp Dressed Man”? Those words still ring true today. Women want to be seen with a man who takes pride in his appearance, so make sure you have the essentials in your wardrobe for men. There is no style that every woman will fall in love with, so pick the best version of your style.

10. Be chivalrous.

Chivalry is not dead and will never go away for many women. Open the door for her. Raise or lower your hand as needed. Be kind. Do not use bad grammar or offensive language in her presence. These simple acts show her that she is special and that you want her to be happy and cared for.

11. Respect her as an equal.

In today’s world, men and women are more equal than ever before when it comes to responsibilities. It does not matter who makes more money in the relationship or who works more. Give her the respect she deserves and she will fall in love with you. You can honor her role in your relationship, her role at work, or anything else she is involved in as a sign of respect by acknowledging its importance.

12. Send sweet texts.

What you say in person or by text can help a girl fall in love with you. Share your thoughts and make it seem genuine and not exaggerated by saying sweet things to her from time to time. Everything from funny romantic notes left on the kitchen counter to a simple “I’m thinking of you” message can help a lot.

How to make a girl fall for you over text

A girl is a complicated creature. It takes time to get to know someone and build up a connection before you can really start pursuing them.

You can also use text messages for a long term relationship. Some people think that texting is not the best way to make a girl fall for you, but it can be if done properly. A lot of guys end up falling for the wrong girls because they never tried texting.


If you know you are in love with a woman and want her to feel the same way, understanding how to get the love you desire will help you build a loving relationship with the woman of your dreams. Making a girl deeply infatuated with you is not about strength, but about understanding that you are the best version of yourself and how that accentuates her life.

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